Are You Skinny Fat?

'Skinny fat' what on earth is that? I hear you cry! 

Well I have been looking into what this is all about and apparently it is an epidemic that has even been researched and reported on by the World Health Organisation. 

Its technical name is ‘Metabolically Obese Normal Weight Syndrome’. 

 A person who is skinny fat may not technically be overweight, and very likely will look completely healthy, thin and in good shape but underneath their clothes and the healthy-looking exterior, it’s a different picture.

A body can have a high fat percentage – often viscerally – and at the same time might have an incredibly low muscle mass. So it is possible to be thin on the outside but fat on the inside.

This is a common problem among people who are obsessed with their weight rather than a more holistic approach with health and body composition as a whole.

The condition can lead to the development of chronic inflammation, low cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. Sufferers may also carry excess fat deposits around vital organs and potentially have pre-diabetes. 

Visceral fat especially is thought to be more metabolically dangerous than typical subcutaneous fat, as it can increase insulin resistance - as well as exacerbating pre-existing medical conditions."

So if those who are 'skinny fat' can look perfectly healthy on the outside, how can we tell if we might be in trouble?
Often skinny-fat people often look tired, drawn, pale and are always low on energy and may also have trouble sleeping.

One test is you could do is try doing a push up. If you feel very weak and this simple exercise is a struggle, you may be skinny fat.

Another clue might be a flat, saggy and under-muscled bum, very thin legs or arms, and no discernible muscle but evidence of cellulite.

People can give the impression of being healthy, engaging in a disproportionate amount of cardio, restricting calories, and doing no weight training.

Obviously not  trying to lose weight is also very unhealthy. The key to fitness is to exercise, control your diet, and lose weight the right way.

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