5 Low-Back Stretches You Can Do at Home

Though regularly visiting the chiropractor is one of the best ways to prevent subluxations and back pain, there are other tools you can implement at home to feel your best. Eating well, meditating, and spending time outdoors have all been proven to contribute to optimum health. The following 5 stretches will help, as well.

1)    Lower Back Relaxation

If you need to release tension in your lower back, lie down with your face up on a pillow. Next, bend your knees. While your knees are bent, avoid tensing the upper part of your body.
Move one knee back toward your chest while you hold your let for support. Hold this position for about 30 seconds. Then, do the same with the other knee. Repeat this exercise a few times to relax the lower back muscles.


2)    Sitting Stretch

This stretch is useful for reducing back pain, especially if you have sciatica or another back problem that is caused from too much pressure on a nerve (subluxation). Begin by sitting on the floor and keep your legs out straight in front of you. Keep your toes pointed up while doing this.
As you bend one knee, bring it over toward the opposite side of your body. Then, bring it toward the opposite side of your body. Next, put your foot on the floor. Hold this position for about 30 seconds. Finish by switching to the other knee, then repeat several times.


Twisting Stretches

create space in the spine

3)    Shoulder Rolls

This stretch is great for upper back pain. To do this stretch, simply move your shoulders forward in a large, circular motion. Gradually transition to smaller circular motions; repeat these rolls about ten times.


4)    Cat Cow Stretches

This stretch is helpful for keeping the muscles in the low back flexible. For this exercise, kneel on all fours, with your hands and knees resting on a yoga mat or towel. Use your abdominal muscles to roll your back upwards. Arch your back slightly, then hold that position for about 30 seconds. Relax your back muscles, then repeat this stretch several times.


5)    Butterfly Stretches

Anyone who suffers from upper back pain will benefit from this stretch. To begin, place your palms on your shoulders, then move your elbows toward each other. As you do this stretch your upper back muscles.
Hold the position for about five seconds, then move your elbows back to their original starting point. Repeat this stretch about ten times.


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 Source: Ark Surgical Hospital

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