Top 3 Best Ways to Exercise

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In today’s busy, always changing and adapting world, it can be difficult to make time to exercise. There are so many little details that modern day life requires and extra time can be hard to come by. Finding the motivation to make time to exercise can be even harder than find the time. Many people exercise in a way that does little more than exhaust them and have difficulty seeing results that are worthy enough to push through. Whether you have little time or exercise is difficult to complete or you are just looking for a better way to see great results, here are the best three types of exercise that are easy to adjust to any level and provide great results.



1. Swimming

Swimming is a low impact, cardiovascular exercise that has a surprising number of perks. Because the body is not coming into contact with any substance except water, swimming does not add extra pressure to the body’s joints and is excellent for anybody that may experience arthritis or other similar conditions. Water is heavy and more difficult to move through, than say, air. Therefore, swimming also helps to tone the body, burn calories and fat! And don’t forget you have to hold your breath! The constant, anaerobic movement of swimming also works as a great cardio workout. If given a consistent workout, the heart will become stronger, more versatile and healthier!


2. Strength Training

Strength Training doesn’t have to mean building up bulky, intense muscle masses! In fact, using light weights to lift will help keep the muscle that already exists strong and functioning at its highest level. Not lifting will present more opportunity for the muscles to become weak, useless and to deteriorate. Do you count calories? If so, you most definitely want to know that the more muscle a body has, the more calories will be burned, making it easier to set a target weight and keep it! There has also been evidence arising stating that strength training may have a positive impact on the brain and its ability to function, which has been found to be especially useful as the brain ages. Want to work on some preventive medicine? Strength training could be a really useful tool to staying healthy.

3. Walking

Walking is by far the most effective and easy exercise out there. Walking everyday can have a large impact on the body’s health and beyond! It can even help with personal goals for fitness and aesthetics, as walking everyday can have significant impact on the body’s ability to stay slender and fit. Walking uses muscles in many different areas of the body, allowing the body as a whole to lose weight and build necessary muscles, many of these muscles are in areas that we strive to build up. Are you exercising because of concerns about high cholesterol? Walking can help fix that! It is an all natural and easy way to lower it and keep it in healthy range. Want to feel healthier overall without participating in an organized form of exercise? Start to take walks a couple of times a week and slowly build up to everyday and you’ll be feeling awesome! In fact, walking improves a slew health problems and can even work as a preventive technique for strengthening bones, keeping blood pressure at healthy levels, improving mood, and lowering the risk for heart disease and diabetes.

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