Chew Your Food or Swallow a Pill? [Infographic]

Nothing can substitute eating a well-balanced, healthy diet for an adequate supply of vitamins to fulfil the nutritional needs of the body. The pills and supplements industry continues to tell us different reasons why we need to consume them, but these can never take the place of food!

We are told we need them to stay healthy and could be harmed if we do not take them. However, it’s not wise for a person to become wholly dependent on these pills for the supply of vitamins and nutrients the body requires for proper functioning. It is therefore important to be wary of the profit-driven supplement industry when making health-related decisions.

This is not to say that the pills and supplements are entirely without use or value, as that would be totally misleading. Note that for medical conditions and challenges with normal eating, supplementation is beneficial. This is often the case with some cancer patients who are unable to swallow solid foods and so rely on supplements.

However, the primary source of nutrients and vitamins is the food we eat, and nothing more. The natural foods we chew and ingest provide the major vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Nature is awesome like that!

Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins – How Different They Are?

Studies abound on how vitamins and nutrients contained within the food we eat are quite different from those contained within the pills. You may wonder how this is, considering the fact that we often hear of some new wondrous multivitamins or antioxidants being formulated.

Further research eventually leads to isolation of the natural compound and efforts to synthesize it into a pill. The selling point then becomes the idea that the pill would be much easier to take than the food, and both would essentially be performing the same function in the body. That is, an easy way out for supplying nutrients to the body.

On the other hand, even though they can be useful in certain circumstances, they are incapable of providing the body with the required nutrients for daily use like natural foods do. For example, taking calcium pills instead of eating foods rich in calcium have been shown to make the bones suffer. The body is just not used to it, plain and simple. Moreover, it’s very important to know that artificial multivitamins don’t even get properly absorbed, and most of them end up being excreted from the body.

So, get rid of the pills, tablets, capsules etc., and replace them with vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense foods such as green vegetables and healthy meats. That’s what the body knows. That’s what the body wants and needs.

The following vitamins infographic put together by the team from Med Alert Help is a good resource for discovering all the functions, deficiency signs, and food sources of all 13 vitamins.