What Does a Chiropractic Diagnosis and Management of Internal Disorders (DABCI) Specialist Do?

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A chiropractor who is designated as a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists (DABCI) has had significant postgraduate training as a primary care physician. With more people becoming aware of the negative side-effects of pharmaceuticals, there is an increasing call for primary care physicians trained in natural, holistic forms of treatment. And chiropractors are ideally placed to provide this type of treatment.

We believe that proper musculoskeletal alignment coupled with regular exercise, good nutrition and the use of natural therapeutics can heal a great number of ailments that are conventionally being treated with drugs.  The Chiropractors at New Leaf Chiropractic are trained in modern medical diagnosis, including the use and interpretation of such diagnostic imaging tools as x-rays, CT scans and MRIs. 

Many ailments benefit from a conservative, non-invasive approach. Some of the natural therapeutics involved include advice on proper nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements and exercise. Having a chiropractor can help to ensure you are being treated in as holistic a manner as possible, in a way that will have the fewest side-effects.

New Leaf Chiropractic focuses on looking at your spine and nerves first to ensure proper health. This is done with the help of X-rays taken in office. Give us call at 303-776-6767 to come in for your initial exam and X-rays.