Chiropractic for Babies


While spinal manipulation may seem too intense for infants, it's actually quite safe. Chiropractors take special care and precautions with babies, and proper chiropractic care can help infants grow more healthfully and even reduce the likelihood of colic and middle ear infections.

In fact, chiropractic care is sometimes used to treat colic, as well as pain, sleep problems, and musculoskeletal concerns. Chiropractic care can also be preventive. As children are very active, there can be a great deal of stress placed on certain parts of the body. Regular chiropractic appointments can help ensure a properly aligned spine as the child grows, resulting in better functioning and less risk of injury.

Just as adults need a properly functioning nervous system, free of interference, so do children. You may not be aware of this but traumatic birth syndrome is actually very common and often unrecognized as the cause of numerous health problems. It’s also interesting to note that only chiropractors are properly trained to detect and correct the subtle, yet very significant misalignments and nervous system imbalances that can occur either in the womb or during a “normal” hospital birth. “Normal” obstetrical procedures involve pulling the newborn baby out by the head.

Your child was meant to be gently pushed and guided out, not pulled! The resulting spinal subluxations can be the cause of newborn health complaints like colic, ear infections, and allergic reactions, even poor appetite and unexplained crying.

Dr. Christina specializes in pediatric chiropractic for your child and will give your child the same gentle care she gives her own.  In late 2016 she completed an extensive 15 months of advanced training in pediatric and prenatal Chiropractic care. She is also certified in Webster’s Technique, which is utilized to help pregnant clients achieve a healthier pregnancy and labor, as well as helping to resolve the presentation of a baby in breech position.

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