GERD and How Chiropractic Care Can Help


Did you know? 15-30% of the population suffers from GERD (or Gastroesophageal reflux disease), according to a review from 2014. The condition is a more severe form of acid reflux or heartburn, which can results in any of the following symptoms:

  • burning sensation in your chest.

  • nausea

  • vomiting

  • belching

  • difficulty swallowing

  • tooth erosion

  • bad breath

  • problems swallowing (dysphagia)

  • respiratory problems

  • abdominal pain

In 2005, 3.14 million people were hospitalized for GERD. In 1998, that number was under a million. So, what has changed? According to health experts, modern lifestyles play a role in the development of GERD. For example, living in a stressed-out state, eating high-fat and low-nutrient food, and failing to get enough exercise can exacerbate the condition. Fortunately, there are holistic ways to remedy symptoms of GERD. Chiropractic care is one modality.

Credit:  Healthy Lombard

What can chiropractic do to help GERD?  

The only goal of chiropractic is to remove nervous system interference.  This is done by ensuring proper structure in the human body, thus allowing for proper nervous system function.  As a result of proper nerve function bodily systems - such as digestive pathways as those in GERD related symptoms - can start to self resolve.  

What frequently happens when people are subluxated (ie misaligned in the spine) is the body goes into sympathetic overload.  This means that an abundance of the homeostatic energy goes into “flight or flight” mode systems such as muscles other systems that would help you stay alive if you were, for instance, running from a very hungry bear.  This is fine, when you are running from a bear, but when you want your body to pull the goodies out of your breakfast and have energy to work 10 hours then come home and be present with your family, you really want to be sure your organs are firing on all “rest and digest” parasympathetic systems.

This is where chiropractic comes in.  By removing subluxation, we are attempting to restore nerve flow.  The restoration of nerve flow means that organs now have full ability to heal and no longer require human (or drug) intervention to perform basic functions.  We do not have a cure for GERD, nor a cure for back pain. Instead we merely allow innate to perform what God designed it to do.

Yes we have a unique adjustment that does help “GERD-like” symptoms, but it very much human specific and doesn’t work for everyone.  To find out if chiropractic can help you with the egg-scrambler-breakfast-side-effects give us a call today. If you don’t believe us, ask Lauren:

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