Good Posture: The "800-Pound Gorilla" of Health of Wellness


Good posture isn't exactly a high priority for many Americans. For millions of us, the number-one priority is working to provide for our families-and sitting all day at a desk is how we achieve that. However, poor posture while sitting at work for many hours every day can actually lead to poor posture while standing the rest of the time-and that's a more serious problem than one might think.  Posture is  the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to health. We see the spine  being critical to a patient's functionality and their satisfaction with their life.

This means that many Americans' habit of sitting all day with no thought to their posture has severe consequences-without good posture, many people can develop serious neck, shoulder, and back pain, leading to a sharp decline in their quality of life. Sitting all day with poor posture can lead to muscular back pain, herniated discs, and even pinched back nerves. Poor sitting posture can also cause tension headaches, diminished breathing, and fatigue. It can even make you look older. Never underestimate the beauty and health benefits of good posture.  Poor posture not only makes you look older, but could be the first step toward dowager's hump, double chin, potbelly, and swayback as well as some internal problems too. Good posture is not only beneficial to your body; it also makes you look taller and slimmer.

What's more, good posture can convey self-confidence, which may just be the best accessory you can have. Additionally, good posture is essential for a healthy spine. It can reduce or eliminate back (and shoulder and neck) pain, and it can even improve your mood.

However, there are millions of people today who simply have not learned what good posture is-and it's not standing rigid, with shoulders thrown back, as many may have learned in childhood. Rather, more important is maintaining good alignment, with ears over the shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over the knees and ankles. Body weight should be distributed evenly between the feet.

Do you want to look, feel and function the best you can? We can help you with that! Each person who comes into the office receives a posture check. Give us a call and get your posture and alignment checked out! 303-776-6767