Healthy Make- Up Tips

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We all try to live as authentically as we can, but in the busy everyday happenings of our world it can be hard to stay true to ourselves. It is particularly difficult when we focus our energy on being healthy. In the fight to eat right and exercise, there are many different health concerns we tend to forget about. The main one being: what kind of toxins are we unknowingly filling our body up with?

So you’re eating all your fruits and veggies, drinking lots water and exercising on a regular basis. You’re totally getting rid of all the toxins that come in contact with your body, right?

Well, depending on some of your other lifestyle habits, maybe not. The big one people tend to forget about is their makeup.

What exactly are you putting on your face? Is it as all natural as most companies would like you to think? Probably not.

As much as we would like not to think about it, whatever we put on to our skin sinks into our body and can cause a buildup of toxic substances, especially when we aren’t careful with what we use. Finding makeup that is clean, eco-friendly and not tested on animals can be really hard, especially if you are the type of person that wants to see the product on your skin before buying it, as many “healthier” brands are found primarily online.

The real question is, what qualities should you look for  in makeup companies to judge if they are as pure and natural as your body needs?

1. Are the ingredients readily available for your perusal, both in store and online?

When looking over new makeup products, do you check the ingredients? You should always know what you are putting into body. It is particularly important because your skin is your largest organ your body has. The skin is highly susceptible to getting toxins under its surface and therefore, into the body, which is why we need to be careful about the substances used in our makeup and lotions.

The first thing you should do when contemplating a new makeup, or other beauty product, is to look up the ingredients. Are they readily available for you to look at, or do you need to search for them? Personally, the harder it is to find the ingredients, either online or on the product itself, the sketchier I find the product. I like the ingredients to be paraded about for me, not hidden away. Even if I can find the product’s ingredients on the bottle, I also like to go to their website and look around. How open are they with the ingredients on the web? If they aren’t, that should be a huge red flag. If they don’t want you to know the ingredients, what else are they hiding and why don’t they want, me, the consumer, to know what’s in it?

2. What ARE the ingredients?

The next big problem comes from the ingredients themselves. How many of those chemicals listed do you know? How can you tell if something is the scientific name for a product you want and what is a chemical you want nowhere near your skin? Look it up. You may look crazy, but you’ll feel better about the products you’re using.

When looking through an ingredient list, I look up every ingredient I don’t know off the top of my head. I have a lot of allergies and sensitivities and I get rashes really easily, so I really need to know what is in the products I am using to prevent this. Anything that can’t be found in nature shouldn’t be used on your skin. Period. The end. But beyond that, you should also think about your own personal sensitivities. If you have taken gluten out of your diet because you feel better not eating it, why on earth should it be in your makeup? Maybe your oily skin or dry skin or prone to breakouts skin is due to the products that you put on it, not its natural inclinations. Know your body and know your makeup to allow your body to live to its fullest.

3. What countries are they sold in and what are the companies’ policies?

The next step to buying makeup comes when searching the website. After locating the ingredients, or spending enough time trying to locate them, move onto the looking at the company itself. What are the business’ morals? What do they stand for? The main reason this is so important is to check that they don’t test on any animals. If a company tests on animals, it makes me think that their products contain substances that are questionable enough to make them unsure of whether or not they should be used on humans. If the company feels that the product should be first tested on animals, I for sure don’t want that being used on my body. A lot of companies say that they are anti-cruelty, but then they sell their products in places that require animal testing. In China, a product can not be sold until it has been tested on animals.

Knowing what you are using on your skin will ensure that your body can live to its fullest potential. Remember to get chiropractic care frequently to help boost your body’s ability to live successfully and you’ll be doing and feeling AWESOME!

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