7 Steps to a Healthy, Vibrant Pregnancy

When it comes to having a baby there’s a lot to think about. Aside from the color of the nursery, there are important issues to consider as soon as you know you’re pregnant – or even before you get pregnant. If you want to have a healthy, happy pregnancy and give your baby the best chance for a healthy delivery and life it’s vital to do a few things before you get pregnant or as soon as you find out.

1. Do no harm.

Of course any woman who wants to have a baby automatically knows not to do any harm. But many mistakenly overlook some of the most important points. It’s vital to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine, using drugs (prescribed or street drugs), or engaging in any other behaviors that aren’t good for you. Once you’re pregnant what you do to yourself you do to your baby. Get rid of the bad habits first and foremost.

2. Eat real food.

Many women look forward to the days of pregnancy when they can eat anything and everything they see. This simply isn’t the best approach for a healthy pregnancy. Gaining too much weight isn’t good for mom or baby. Excess weight at childbirth can complicate the end stages of pregnancy, delivery, and even the recovery period we refer to as post-partum.

Then there are those women on the other side. Those who dread the weight gain and skimp on meals in fear of getting ‘fat.’ This is a huge mistake too. If you’re ready to become a mom (or think you are) now’s the time to stop putting yourself and your own wants first. It’s vital to consider the health of the baby, not your own growing waistline. Many women find if they’re active after giving birth and they breastfeed, the weight slips away painlessly.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends women who are average weight at the onset of pregnancy gain about twenty-five to thirty-seven pounds during the entire pregnancy.

It’s vital when you’re pregnant (as well as before and after pregnancy) to eat a balanced healthy diet loaded with toxin free, natural, fresh foods. This means lots of locally grown fruits and veggies. You should also eat hormone free, free range meats like chicken, beef, and eggs. Eat whole sprouted grains, not processed and refined grains. Opt for nuts, seeds, legumes, and more that Mother Nature has given us to eat.

It’s extremely important to avoid all fake or highly processed and refined foods. These are the bagged, boxed foods that line the grocery store shelves and pack the freezer aisles. Choose foods that are fresh and whole, not processed. These fake foods contain additives, preservatives, unhealthy oils, dyes, and more toxins you don’t want your baby to have. Protect them in the womb to give them a healthy start.

3. Do real exercise.

If you already exercise then keep going as long as your OB/GYN or midwife says it’s okay. Be honest with her or him about what exactly you do at the gym or during your fitness workout. If they advise you to stop or slow down – do it! This isn’t the time to take unnecessary risks. Sometimes pregnant women are asked to scale back on certain exercises. If you can’t engage in your tried and true exercise try to alternate with walking or some other mild activity that your doctor gives the okay to do. You may discover something new and different that you absolutely love.

However, if up to this point you haven’t exercised, consider beginning a low impact exercise program. Consult with your doctor first then get started. Power walking, easy hikes, or a yoga/pilates fusion are a great way to get fresh air and some needed exercise while pregnant. Get creative and don’t be afraid to try out activities you previously wouldn’t consider.

4. Take real vitamins.

During this time of your life your body (and your baby’s) has a greater need for certain vitamins and minerals. Many prenatal vitamins contain exactly what you need. Be sure to take these vitamins but don’t settle for a low quality vitamin. These cost a bit more but are more easily digested and absorbed by the body than their synthetic counterparts.

It’s also crucial during this time to up your intake of foods containing the specific vitamins and minerals you need. This is actually your best source.

5. Rest.

There’s no doubt about it, now’s the time to rest up. You may be in for some sleepless nights in the months ahead so take the time now to nurture and care for yourself. It’s essential to be getting plenty of sleep during this time. Prioritize the items on your ‘to do’ list and put sleep close to the top.

6. Spiritual Growth.

There’s almost no other experience in life that will put you in awe of the greatness of our Maker. When you experience pregnancy and childbirth even the biggest skeptics begin to believe in a Higher Power and miracles. Childbirth is truly a miracle and getting to experience it first hand is powerful.

Whether you attend church, synagogue, meditate, or simply spend time in nature connecting with your Creator, pregnancy is a great time to deepen this connection or re-connect.

7. Chiropractic Care

Thousands of women use chiropractic care during their pregnancy to improve their health and birth experience. Research shows that many women who are under chiropractic care benefit from shorter labors, less pain, less interventions, and a better overall birth experience. Many women report feeling less nausea, reduced number of Cesarean Deliveries, healthier babies and shorter delivery times.  

Dr. Christina has received advanced training in the care of pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive, through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA). She is certified in Webster’s Technique, through the ICPA. Webster’s technique is a specific, gentle and safe technique used to restore proper pelvic alignment and function.

Having a healthy, vibrant pregnancy in large is up to you. If you follow these steps, it can be the best nine months of your life. Enjoy this precious time, a miracle is occurring.

We would love to have the opportunity to assist you in making this miraculous time in your life the best it can be. Please give us a call at 303-776-6767 to schedule your consolation and make the decision for a healthier you and a healthier baby!