Benefits of a Homebirth

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Many women, and many of our patients, choose to have home births. In fact, Dr Christina has had 2 home births. Chiropractic care can help the body prepare for birth, reducing the need for addition interventions and increasing the outcome for a successful and safe birth at home. For whatever option you choose, give us a call at 303-776-6767 to see how Chiropractic can help you have a safe and more comfortable experience.

Here's a guest post from our friends at the Community Roots Midwife Collective!


Community Roots Midwife Collective (CRMC)

When you hear the word, “homebirth”, what comes to mind? Natural birth? Fewer interventions? Risky birth? But the mess!? Family-centered birth? Painful birth? Often, the word “homebirth” will bring up strong feelings. Maybe you know someone who had a wonderful homebirth, or someone who wanted a homebirth but had to transfer to the hospital.

For many pregnant people, the choice of where to deliver their baby is the first major decision they will make as a parent. For some the answer is easy; others have a harder time deciding on a place to deliver their baby. There may be many factors influencing a person’s decision, including their health history, insurance coverage, personal finances, access to care providers, religious beliefs, family support, living situation, etc. Their decision may come down to what “feels right” to them.

Homebirth may be the right choice for low risk people, and in Colorado, registered homebirth midwives (RMs) are regulated by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). The rules under which RMs practice don’t allow them to care for clients who have high risk conditions (hypertension, pregnant with twins, blood disorders, cardiac disease, etc).

However, for low risk people, the benefits of homebirth and midwifery care are many, including:

  • Comfort of being in your own home, attended to by trained, skilled, Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs)
  • Choice of who to have with you, including your other kids, a birth photographer, doula, your best friend, your Mom, etc.
  • Freedom to eat and drink whatever and whenever you want
  • Midwifery Model of Care (based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes).
  • Trust in your body and normal physiologic birth
  • Being able to take personal responsibility for making decisions around your body, your birth and your baby
  • You choose your birthing position
  • Choice of water birth (your midwives may deliver, set-up and remove the tub for you)
  • The integration of your cultural/religious traditions is honored and supported by your midwives
  • Decorating/preparing your birthing space as you wish
  • There’s no need to leave the hospital, get in a car and drive home, because you’re already home and the midwife comes to you.
  • You have a lower risk of vaginal & perineal injury
  • There’s a lower risk of maternal infection
  • A low rate of interventions (including Cesarean birth) due to midwife-led care
  • Increased satisfaction with your birth experience

A responsible discussion of homebirth must also include its relative risks, including no access to narcotic pain relief, possibility of hospital transport, delayed access to surgical care, low insurance/no Medicaid reimbursement, among others.

It’s important to remember that risk is perceived. While unlikely in healthy, low-risk people, bad outcomes (injury, death) can happen in homes as well as birth centers and hospitals. Regardless of where a person chooses to deliver their baby, it’s important that they acknowledge and accept this fact. It’s important that each person make the decision that is best for them.  

The authors of this blog deeply honor the process of birth and the ability of people to give birth, as well as their capacity for determining where and with whom their birth should happen.

Following are some thoughts shared by recent CRMC clients:

The midwives really KNOW you, and unlike a quick visit in a doctor's office, they spend time. I felt so incredibly comfortable by the time we were at 40 weeks with the care that we had been given, that I looked forward to the day I would fill up the tub and watch my second child enter the world in the comfort of our bedroom. There was no fear. After the baby was born all I remember was looking into her eyes, and when I looked up an hour later the room was cleaned, the tub was gone, everything was taken care of.”      Jessica M

 “My midwife gave me support and at the same time allowed me to be in charge of the process.  Having my son caught by a circle of hands, with love and support was the biggest gift we could ever imagine.      Jasleen M

 As women, we deserve to experience our births the way we imagine them to be. Our babies deserve to be brought to our earth side in loving hands. Midwifery care allows that.      JC

 “I think about the amazing care I received during my pregnancy, birth, and afterwards, and feel incredibly privileged and thankful. Sadly, I know that what I received was not the standard that most birthing women in our country receive just in terms of overall maternity experience, not even to mention personalized care. I know not everyone would choose a homebirth, but I also can't help but wonder what our culture of motherhood and valuing women would be like if all pregnant mamas and families received the quality of care provided by (midwives).”                 Amy M