Seven Ways to Intentionally Live a Healthy Life : Number 6

This is the sixth of the 7-part post on Wayne Dyer’s 7 faces of intention. The first two links/post can be found here.  I am writing these articles because as a chiropractor, my role is to facilitate you on your journey to extraordinary health, and to get more healthy, you must first start with a healthy “intent.”

I am taking Dr Dyer’s 7 faces of intention and framing it with a relation to something tangible you can do to me more healthy today than you were yesterday.  Enjoy part 6 which is Abundance!

6) Abundance.  Your body is only filled with abundance when you are tapping into the power of intention.  Anything other than abundance is lack.  When you are experiencing a dearth of water you get headaches.  Fill your body with abundant clean water and you feel better again.

You always feel better when you are functioning better.  Always.  You cannot feel better when you are not at your most optimal level of balance.  The role of your body is to guide you through periods of lack, to alert you with a symptom that something is wrong.  

Our job is to take away the lack of neurologic flow in your body so you can HAVE and abundant life.  This starts with looking at where you are blocked and where there is subluxation.  Which starts with an examination and frequently xrays.  But before you get there, you must follow through on your intention to have an abundance of health in your life.