Seven Ways to Intentionally Live a Healthy Life : Part 1

Wayne Dyer died August 29, 2015 – and not long before he died our team was fortunate enough to see him speak in Denver.  I never met the man face-to-face, but through his writings I felt like I knew him deeply.  As if he was speaking directly to me through his writings.

I would like to take something that I heard him speak to on PBS about what he famously calls “the power of intention”.  The power of intention is essentially taking a goal, and supercharging it.  Since my role as a chiropractor is to facilitate you on your journey to extraordinary health, I thought I would take his 7 faces of intention and frame it with a relation to something tangible you can do to me more healthy today than you were yesterday.

This will be a 7 part post with each post focusing on another aspect of creative cultivation of your health.

1) Creativity – There is a creative intelligence inside each of us – I call it innate.  Innate is taking a dog and throwing it in water and irrespective of the age of the dog, as long as it’s in good physical condition, the dog thrives despite never taking a paddle lesson in his life.  Innate is ALWAYS trying to create the strongest healthiest version of you.  It never stops.  

I can think of a million ways I have created stress in my body, yet it keeps moving and I like to think evolving.  In fact just this week at 38 years of age, I have lifted more weight over my head than ever before.  (Thanks Crossfit Longmont!)  But I ‘ll be the first to acknowledge that sometimes my body doesn’t give me a new lifting record.  Yes, sometimes it throws me a headache or sore shoulder.  

Your creative innate is supposed to do this! If it didn’t you would never know there was a problem.  I saw a documentary once on the expansion of the US Railroad lines in the 1800’s – and it talked about how the men would get so cold that literally parts of their body (namely toes) would just fall off.  

I’m not suggesting your toes are going to fall off, but if you keep covering up symptoms, one after another, eventually your body will innately send your more creative, if not destructive signals.

I love that my body gives me signals.  The headaches or sore shoulders are it’s way of getting my attention and telling me I am out of balance.  My headaches usually mean I am dehydrated or in need of an adjustment to take all the pressure off of my nervous system.  My sore shoulder usually means i need some rest and perhaps a massage.

If you need help deciphering the messages, give me a ring and let’s talk about what’s going on and see if we can figure out, together, what your body is creatively trying to tell you.