Seven Ways to Intentionally Live a Healthy Life: Part 2

This is the second of a 7 part post on Wayne Dyer’s 7 faces of intention. The first post can be found here.  I am writing these articles because as a chiropractor, my role is to facilitate you on your journey to extraordinary health, and to get more healthy, you must first start with a healthy “intent.”

I am taking Dr Dyer’s 7 faces of intention and framing it with a relation to something tangible you can do to me more healthy today than you were yesterday.  Enjoy part 2 which is Kindness!

2)Kindness – It’s impossible to grow and see the best in others when we are not kind to them.  Be intentionally kind to your body and it will be intentionally kind back to you.  The key here is to focus on being intentional.  Sometimes it’s hard to be kind to that guy who cut you off in traffic and sometimes it hard to be kind to your body when you have a cold.  

But it’s in challenging times where the world, and you body mostly needs your kindness.

This morning I was reading a story by Jack Canfield (author of chicken soup for the soul) and he was relating to the importance that thought places on people recovering from knee surgery.  There was a study done where 100% of people were told they were getting their knees “Scraped of debris” due to pain.

But in reality only 50% actually had the surgery whereas the other 50% has a sham surgery with an incision.   Here is the kicker, the  % of people who reported positive outcome were - get this - the same in BOTH sample sizes.  Why?

The only answer is “the placebo effect.”   As people were being kind to their bodies in thought, it responded in equal kindness.  And as chiropractors we hear this all the time: “ever since I have been coming in I’ve noticed:”

  • I'm sleeping better
  • I’m more energetic
  • My blood pressure is lower
  • My thyroid numbers are improved.
  • My workouts are stronger.
  • I’m not tired at 3pm anymore.
  • I am feeling better
  • My headaches are gone

And on and on…

Kindness is what goes around comes around, but you have to initiate kindness to have it come full circle.  There is a kindness and a healing in all of us