Seven Ways to Intentionally Live a Healthy Life : Number 4

This is the fourth of a 7 part post on Wayne Dyer’s 7 faces of intention. The first link/post can be found here.  I am writing these articles because as a chiropractor, my role is to facilitate you on your journey to extraordinary health and to get more healthy, you must first start with a healthy “intent.”

I am taking Dr Dyer’s 7 faces of intention and framing it with a relation to something tangible you can do to me more healthy today than you were yesterday.  Enjoy part 4 which is BEAUTY!

Beauty – The power of intention basically is stating that what you think about comes about.  Do you really want to manifest anything that is not beautiful?  I know there are plenty parts of me that are, well, less desireable, than say others.   In fact, of the 4260 character traits that exist as human traits, each of them are innate to EVERY human.  That doesn’t mean you need to push hostility or unruly - but instead search for and express things like health and “beauty”.

To that end, when you can see the beauty in everyone and everything – ESPECIALLY your body and how it talks to you, then you will begin to uncover a hidden beauty.  Pain stinks.  It stinks out loud.  But aren’t you glad that you know when you sprained an ankle so that you can stay off of it and regain mobility after it has time to heal?  That is the purpose of pain.

The beauty of your body is that it is constantly giving you feedback cycles of what it does and does NOT like.  This is why we are NOT pain management doctors as chiropractors.  We want to TRULY find the cause of what is going on inside your body and not just cover it up with a pill or a stretch that might just buy time for a bigger and badder version of what you are going through at this moment.

Your body is a beautiful thing.  Let us try to help you find out what is going on and let’s love your body exactly how it was designed to be.