Seven Ways to Intentionally Live a Healthy Life : Number 5

This is the fifth of the 7-part post on Wayne Dyer’s 7 faces of intention. The first post can be found here.  I am writing these articles because as a chiropractor, my role is to facilitate you on your journey to extraordinary health, and to get more healthy, you must first start with a healthy “intent.”

I am taking Dr Dyer’s 7 faces of intention and framing it with a relation to something tangible you can do to me more healthy today than you were yesterday.  Enjoy part 5 which is EXPANSION!

Expansion-  All human bodies go through periods of integration and expansion.  Our cells MUST daily go through cycles of expansion (growth) and integration (death) or we will die.  Think Cancer.  Our cells are programmed to die when their tasks in the body are complete – the clinical term is apoptosis.

Our cells, specifically our bone making cells are designed to reprogram the body to re-mold it as we use it.  This means that if you are not using a joint as it was intended it will experience expansion of the bone.  The clinical term is “arthritis.”  As much as we all want expansion of family time, finances and powder days we do not want our bones expanding into our joint spaces.

Balance is when your body finds this magic place where bone is laying down in appropriate amounts and being destroyed in equal amounts.  This balance is what allows people to expand the footprint of their lives.  Playing more.  Working less (and smarter).  And loving life.

As a chiropractor we look at facilitating a healthy balance of integration and expansion.  This happens when all interference is gone.  This is where chiropractic comes in – that what the adjustment is – clearing interference for optimal expansion.  Too much expansion leads to arthritis in bones, cancer in organs or cells.

You get the idea.  If there is a possibility to find balance in your body, we will do everything in our power to help you get there!