4 Things to Know About Car Accidents - EVEN Small ones

Longmont Car Accident Treatment, Help after minor car accident, What to do after fender bender in Longmont Colorado 

1. Injuries can and often do go undetected - until later in life
“So what, I was only going 5 MPH in Longmont, why do I need to see a chiropractor for an MVA that is that small?”  We hear this all the time, the reality is that often times, especially for super small accident the bumpers do NOT crumple.  This means the energy of the accident goes into the thing that does move.  

Often times that means your spine and frequently your neck.  The only way to see that damage and it’s potential is with and examination and often with a specific chiropractic focused Xray.  Without detection AND correction, the problem can linger, for a long time.  

2. Long term damage can show up and magnify with time.
We hear this all the time “It all started with a car accident in 2010”  or “I wish I had never took the $500 from the insurance company.”  Often times we eat food we know isn’t good for us, but almost 100% of the time we don’t see the long term effects of the bad decisions until we step in front of the mirror or on the scale.  

Your spine is no different.  Time magnifies the smallest shifts out of alignment, and frequently makes them much tougher to “Treat” as time goes by.  The small neck pain can become a herniated disc if let linger for years on top of years.

3. Medication or surgery might not be needed
Pain medication may provide temporary relief, but it is almost always masking the problem - and perhaps making the problem even worse because the root cause is not being treated. The goal of Chiropractic is to go directly to the source to eliminate the cause of the pain - the subluxation. At our Longmont office, we use methods to relieve you of the pain caused by car accident injuries by insuring the structure is in place.  Whiplash is a huge disrupter of the body's structure and often times if left untreated can result in surgery if medication fails

4. Insurance claims are easier
At times, it can be difficult to link your injuries to the car accident. This makes it harder to obtain coverage for treatment. It is particularly difficult if you do not seek treatment right away. Visit your chiropractor in Longmont, Colorado immediately after an accident for assessment and treatment. This will establish what injuries you sustained and allow you to start the needed treatment right away. With this quick diagnosis and immediate treatment, making an insurance claim will be easier.

If you are in a car accident, be sure to make that third essential call. Once you have taken care of immediate emergencies, police business and your auto insurance claim, contact us straight away.  Don’t neglect your long-term health. Let us assess your body and provide the appropriate treatment your body needs for a full recovery. 

If you have been in a car accident, even a minor one, give us a call at 303-776-6767 to get your spine checked and prevent any long term injuries!