3 Things You May Not Know about Chiropractic

What I Wish I Had Know Before Trying  Chiropractic 

Hi! My name is Holli and I am a new member of New Leaf Chiropractic. When I first started working here three months ago, my knowledge about chiropractic was practically nonexistent. In fact the only thing that I did know was that my dad had really severe back problems and frequented a chiropractor, which seemed to fix him. It came to no surprise to anyone that I had many important aspects of the practice to familiarize myself on. And while I am still a novice in the world of chiropractic, here are three extremely important facts about chiropractic care that everyone should know, but most don’t.

1)- Chiropractic care is beneficial for everyone, especially kids!

Whenever I thought about chiropractic care, I would think of people like my dad. Men who had spent years of their lives doing hard physical work, whether for pleasure or for income. So it came as a massive surprise, on my first day by how many families frequented our practice.

New Leaf Chiropractic in Longmont, CO is focused on health for the entire family and within my first hour, it was explained to me why exactly it is so important for everyone to be under chiropractic care. Chiropractors treat subluxation, which can be caused through three major throughways: thoughts, toxins and traumas. One of the worst traumas all of us go through is the miracle of birth. Children cannot develop at their highest potential if any damage to the spinal cord, and in extension, the nervous system is impaired during their first major trauma. As we age many other traumas occur, and as a result more people begin to suffer from subluxation and find themselves getting treatment. But many children suffering from subluxation get unhealthy starts on life. It is vital that everyone, including children, get checked and treated for subluxation.

2)- Chiropractic care can improve your immune system

Most people, including myself, connect chiropractors helped with improving pain, whether in the back, neck or the hips. I’d always imagined chiropractors as doctors that strictly heal pain along the spine; it had never occurred to me that chiropractors could heal more. On my first day working at the office, I went through the process of being a New Patient. In my exam, LaRissa explained how subluxation presents itself.

There are the most commonly thought of ways that these misalignment rear their ugly head - such as back or neck pain and the less common ways of high blood pressure or insomnia. The reason for this is that if the spine isn’t properly aligned than the nervous system cannot function to its fullest, which, in turn can cause a slew of problems - including  minimized function of the immune system.   This means people can have colds that persist and come frequently. By keeping the nervous system in check the chance of getting colds decreases because the immune system is healthier and more capable of fighting off bugs.

3)- Pain is not the first symptom that warrants seeing a Chiropractor

In fact, pain is one of the last symptoms that should have a person wondering if it’s time to see a chiropractor. There are many warning signs that should be recognized as a heralding to get into be adjusted, and those indications depend on where the subluxation has built up. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common form of skin disease, with 85% of people ages 11-30 experiencing breakouts. Most people might think to see a dermatologist if it’s really bad, but acne can be caused by subluxation build up in the C3 and T11 regions and can in fact be greatly improved, if not completely eradicated, by a chiropractor. There are many nonspecific symptoms, such as head colds, asthma, cold feet, tiredness, allergies as well as many more, which chiropractic care and maintenance can help heal.

Chiropractic practice is often shrouded in mystery and a multitude of misinformation, leading to the general public being deluded about the real meaning of the health benefits. Hopefully as wellness grows in popularity, so will chiropractic care and reliable information about its health benefits.   

To find out if your body is a mystery or just a puzzle that needs some “putting back together” give me and the New Leaf team here in Longmont a call today at 303-776-6767.