Car Accident Treatment Options in Longmont, CO 

Each year, the affects of car accidents take a toll on more than two million people in the USA. Whiplash can be one many side affect of car accidents.

  • 6 million car accidents per year in the United States

  • 2015 there were 27,673 accidents in Colorado and 3,234 car accidents in Longmont Colorado and Boulder county.

  • Of the 3 million people who were in accidents in 2015, nearly 70% suffered permanent injuries!!

Even the very slightest force applied in the the wrong direction, especially catching the victim by surprise, can cause a neck conditon called whiplash. Study after modern study continues to show that even car accidents moving as slow as 7 MPH can cause neck pain and lead to many complications, like whiplash, if the injury is never corrected.

Don’t overlook the symptoms! Did you know that it can take 10 years from the time an accident occurred before the human being actually feels the pain and becomes symptomatic? If you are in a car accident you should immediately be checked by a local Longmont Chiropractor, ideally the docs at New Leaf, for whiplash as well as other injuries whether you are experiencing a symptom or just to get checked out.

The quicker an individual seeks care for an injury increases the likelihood of a speedy recovery. The longer that injury stays there, the worse it gets, leading to longer recovery time.

Longmont Chiropractor, Dr Jay Breitlow and the team at New Leaf Chiropractic, takes all forms of health insurance as well as works with the myriad of types of car insurance and accident policies.

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