Dr. Christina Breitlow received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, GA.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Loyola University and worked in “Corporate America” for several years before deciding to pursue her passion to serve and teach people how to be healthier through a more natural approach to healthcare.

Dr. Christina chose the field of Chiropractic because of its science and practice of facilitating healing of the body from the inside out. She experienced this healing herself after suffering from severe allergies for several years as an adult. After trying various prescription drugs, with no results, she decided to try Chiropractic after the suggestions from a friend. Within one month of receiving regular adjustments, the chronic allergies were completely resolved!

Dr. Christina spent a year in Ghana, West Africa, where she provided chiropractic to thousands of people and where she volunteered, with Dr. Jay Breitlow, in providing chiropractic care to orphaned children with HIV/AIDS. This is exactly how Dr. Christina and Dr. Jay met and, shortly after decided to move back to the United States and open a practice together.

It was in Ghana that Dr. Christina found a deep passion for helping children and pregnant women become healthier through chiropractic.  In late 2016 she completed an extensive 15 months of advanced training in pediatric and prenatal Chiropractic care. She is also certified in Webster’s Technique, which is utilized to help pregnant clients achieve a healthier pregnancy and labor, as well as helping to resolve the presentation of a baby in breech position.

Dr. Christina is the proud wife of Dr. Jay and equally proud and loving mother of three children, Selom, Hunter and Naomi. All 3 children have received chiropractic care throughout Dr. Christina’s pregnancy and are often a regular fixture on the children’s adjusting table here at New Leaf.