How we met, why it matters to your family’s health and why we serve the community in Longmont

I am originally from Wisconsin and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and Dr Christina is from Chicago, so it’s not unheard of to think that we should meet. After all, there are many guys that move from WI to Chicago for a wonderful lady; but it may already peak your interest to know that Dr Christina and I moved from and met in Africa.

In Africa, Ghana to be exact, Dr Christina was working as a chiropractor adjusting and educating Ghanaians towards wellness. She was in Ghana for about one month when I flew into the country bound and determined to serve those who had no access to health care. My vehicle to deliver health care was the non-profit “Journey to Solidarity”, which I had helped start about 4 months prior.

In a country of 34 million, most bound by poverty and inadequate healthcare, with only a handful of licensed Chiropractors, it was only a matter of time before we met. Once we did meet, it was love at first sight.

We believe that God had a reason for us meeting and we believe Chiropractic to be an enormous part of it. We are here to serve the Longmont community because you chose us. By that, I mean when the credit crunch hit virtually no banks were interested in giving a Small Business Loan to two African missionaries. The one bank we found that trusted our vision and mission just so happened to be in Longmont and, almost as coincidentally, an office space was made available at the same time we were looking to open. Voila!!

For sharing in our journey and in sharing the trust of your family’s health we are eternally grateful. Know we will guard it, your family, and this magnificent community with excellence! Agape!

-Dr Jay Breitlow

Dr Jay is also an Authenticity Coach for Canadian Based coaching company, Full Circle Coaching & Consulting. We specialize in chiropractic coaching and small business consulting to help you achieve your definition of success. He serves clients around the world as he helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to be their most authentic version of themselves. The Full Circle mission is to awaken individuals to the power of authentic expression and help them realize their full potential, personally and professionally.  Which is so very aligned with Dr. Jay's health and chiropractic philosophy also.  Send Dr Jay an email at to see how we can help you achieve the business and lifestyle you deserve, or book a free coaching call on the topic/challenge of your choice at

Dr. Jay is also the author of Love Not Guns, writes for blog, HappyDads Inc. and co-hosts a Podcast, 360 Degrees of Success. 

After redoing the front desk for New Leaf Chiropractic, for Dr. Jay's next entrepreneur adventure, Authentic Barnwood, began. If you're in the market for some amazing authentic barn wood straight from a family farm, be sure to stop by the store front at 943 Main St in Longmont. 

Dr. Jay was also featured in Today's Chiropractic Lifestyle magazine as the Next Generation of Chiropractic Leaders. This is what they had to say:

With each generation and within every profession, a new “cream of the crop” emerges. Here, Today’s Chiropractic LifeStyle has chosen 13 outstanding young DCs who are elevating and advancing Chiropractic within their disciplines and communities.

The chiropractors profiled were chosen based on their achievements, innovations and the potential they offer as a new generation of chiropractors. They are leaders, teachers and dreamers working toward a better tomorrow in the chiropractic profession.

His Chiropractic Story: Breitlow was working as a nuclear engineer when he decided to enroll at Palmer College of Chiropractic. As an engineer, he did root-cause evaluations, and after realizing an innate desire to help others, Breitlow did an evaluation on his own life. “Just kind of out of the blue on this piece of paper, I wrote down ‘chiropractor,’ and ever since that day, my life has been 100 percent geared and focused with helping people and humanity,” he says.

Why He’s on Our List: Before opening his practice, New Leaf Chiropractic, with his wife, Breitlow started the organization Journey to Solidarity and spent time in Ghana doing chiropractic missions. While abroad, Breitlow learned that mission work can be done in his own office and that there is a need in his community. “I’ve never turned anybody away who needs care [due to their] finances, but I didn’t have that perspective until I went out and served overseas and lived in a community of people who make two dollars a day,” he says.

His Legacy: Breitlow’s desired legacy is simple. He says, “I would like people to say, ‘He was a really good guy, and he did everything he could to help make me a better person, to live life to the fullest.’”