LaRissa has been with New Leaf Chiropractic for over 5 years! She has worn just about every hat there is to wear in the office. Starting off with part-time front desk work, she has done everything from Exams to social media, HR, IT and marketing. While you won’t see her face in the office any more, as she has taken all the skills she’s learned at New Leaf and is now applying them toward learning how to be a software developer, LaRissa is still part of the team, just behind the scenes. She continues to monitor SEO, post to Social Media and makes sure the website operates at its best!

She is grateful for the many years working as part of the team at New Leaf and being able to continue to be a part of your lives, from behind the computer screen now.

LaRissa says she loves Colorado so much she moved here twice! First time was in 2010 to go to massage school at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Second time she moved here was after a year and half of living in San Francisco where she ran another chiropractic clinic. However, the call of the Rockies proved to be too strong and she and her wonderful husband of 7 years returned to Longmont and bought a house! Now when LaRissa isn't trying to figure out how Twitter works, she loves to be hiking, doing yoga, backpacking, traveling, eating vegetarian food, taking pictures, trying to make her cats internet famous, playing the Ukulele, embroidering, knitting, or gardening.