For sharing in our journey and in sharing the trust of your family’s health, we are eternally grateful. Know we will guard it, your family, and this magnificent community with excellence and give you the best chiropractic care we possibly can!


Dr. Jay Breitlow

I am originally from Wisconsin and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and Dr Christina is from Chicago, so it’s not unheard of to think that we should meet. After all, there are many guys that move from WI to Chicago for a wonderful lady; but it may already peak your interest to know that Dr Christina and I moved from and met in Africa.

In Africa, Ghana to be exact, Dr Christina was working as a chiropractor adjusting and educating Ghanaians towards wellness. She was in Ghana for about one month when I flew into the country bound and determined to serve those who had no access to health care. 

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Dr. Christina Breitlow 

Dr. Christina chose the field of Chiropractic because of its science and practice of facilitating healing of the body from the inside out. She experienced this healing herself after suffering from severe allergies for several years as an adult. After trying various prescription drugs, with no results, she decided to try Chiropractic after the suggestions from a friend. Within one month of receiving regular adjustments, the chronic allergies were completely resolved!

Dr. Christina spent a year in Ghana, West Africa, where she provided chiropractic to thousands of people and where she volunteered, with Dr. Jay Breitlow, in providing chiropractic care to orphaned children with HIV/AIDS.
It was in Ghana that Dr. Christina found a deep passion for helping children and pregnant women become healthier through chiropractic. 
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Holli - Office Manager 

Holli is new to the world of chiropractic and is very eager to learn more about the health benefits it offers. 

Holli is native to Colorado and has lived in Boulder County for the last seventeen years.  She is keen to travel though, and is seeking to expand her cultural knowledge and awareness, as well as continuing to learn new foreign languages.  

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LaRissa - Marketing Ninja 

LaRissa has been with New Leaf Chiropractic for over 5 years! She has worn just about every hat there is to wear in the office. While you won’t see her face in the office any more, as she has taken all the skills she’s learned at New Leaf and is now applying them toward learning how to be a software developer, LaRissa is still part of the team, just behind the scenes. She continues to monitor SEO, post to Social Media and makes sure the website operates at its best!

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