We've all been there: whether you take a stumble on your son's front steps or those surfing lessons in California didn't quite stick, there are many times when you end up needing chiropractic care while you're out of town. Fortunately, we are proud to know many great chiropractors across the continent who can help you on your travels. Scroll down to see if one of our friends is near you, and get back on the road to to a happier and healthier vacation or journey! And, of course, don't forget to come see us when you get back home.

Dr. Bradley Caulfield
9631 137 Street
Surrey, BC V3T 4G8
We close no doors when it comes to your health; rather, we bring together a unique combination of options in each case to keep you active and enjoying life and to treat any problems you may be having. The Activator Method used by our own Dr. Bradley Caulfield is a gentle and precise chiropractic treatment suitable for all, from babies to athletes to seniors. Whoever you are, and wherever you live, we are Your Surrey Chiropractor!